The Science Part

Our labs boast the best equipment and technology, including:

  • Multiple gas chromatographs (GCs)
  • High pressure liquid chromatographs (HPLCs)
  • HPLCs are equipped with DADs, FLD, single and triple quad MSDs, and a high resolution/accurate mass TOF-MS
  • Detectors for the GCs include FID, ECD, FPD, PFPD, XSD, single and triple quad MSDs
  • Real-time PCR system for pathogen determination
  • Nitrogen analyzer for the measurement of protein
  • Leica phase-contrast microscope


Personal Consultation

*New: (503) 254-1794*

Mon. – Fri. 8.00 a.m. – 5.00 p.m. (UTC-08, Pacific Time Zone)

**Previous Phone discontinued March 2017: (503) 695-2287**


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