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Food Testing—the fastest-growing arm of laboratory analysis. Why? Because public awareness and demand is at an all-time high. Consumers want to know exactly what goes into the food they feed their families—and so do we.

Columbia Food Laboratories is dedicated to providing the best food analysis, at the highest level of efficiency. We care what goes into our bodies and we want others to enjoy the reassurance our labs can provide.

At the forefront of food analysis, we bring expertise to the table for producers, processors and consumers, using the most advanced technology in the industry.

Company Profile

Columbia Food Laboratories was officially established in 1996, but as early as 1970, our founders were in training, working to build the superior level of knowledge and education that made them one of the first labs to test for trans-fat.

In 2014, we joined forces with the Tentamus Group of worldwide laboratories—making us a powerhouse international lab service—and now we’re excited to announce a new partnership with Pixis Labs, bringing us into another area we feel passionate about: Environmental testing.

We service a huge range of clients, from individual consumers to mid-sized agricultural producers to Fortune 500 companies. Plus, since we have USDA vegetation and soil import permits, we’re fully set-up to serve our overseas clients. With three primary categories: Microbiology, nutrition and pesticide residue-related testing, we’ve really got you covered.

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Environmental Testing



USDA NOP Pesticide Profile (P7000) for organic food commodities

USDA NOP Pesticide Profile (P7000) for organic food commodities September 2011 — See P7000

Newly expanded Sugar Profile (N761) for detecting honey adulteration

Newly expanded Sugar Profile (N761) for detecting honey adulteration August 2011 — See TechNote_N761

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