Our services are divided into three primary categories: Microbiology, Nutrition and Pesticide related testing. In addition, many of our services are oriented towards specific commodities. Please visit the following sections of our Web site for more details about each category.


The majority of cases of food poisoning are caused by microorganisms, rather than by chemicals. We offer microbiological analyses for common food-borne human pathogens, food spoilage organisms, mycotoxins, etc.


“Nutrition Facts” food labels are required on most packaged food products. The format and content of food labels is strictly defined by FDA in order to make the comparison of nutrients in foods easier and to ensure uniform standards.


The word pesticide is a broad term meaning to kill pests. Specific types of pesticides, and the type of pest they control are: Insecticides (insects), fungicides (molds & fungi), herbicides (weeds), acaricides (spiders & mites), rodenticides (rodents), molluscicides (slugs & snails), bactericide (bacteria).

Commodity Specific Analysis

We offer many single tests and profiles especially for specific types of commodities. Honey, potatoes and mint are only three examples of the many commodities we test. Import and export testing of commodities is especially important in global trading.

Test List

This is an alphabetical listing of the tests and profiles offered by Columbia Food Laboratories. Codes are assigned to each test, and can be used when ordering a test. The first letter indicates the department to which that test belongs (M = micro, N = nutrition, P = pesticides, S = special, and E = environmental). The type of matrix on which that test can be performed is marked with a “+” sign (Water/liquids, Soil, Plants/food). Please call or email us for additional information such as pricing, TAT, sample size, etc. Also, even if you do not see an analysis listed we welcome inquiries concerning potential new tests or profiles.



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