P2700 Profile

Non-Ionic Herbicides

This profile may be applied to soil, water or vegetation samples. This group of herbicides is comprised of water insoluble, non-ionized organic compounds. Included are triazine, triazinone, dinitroaniline, thiocarbamate, uracil and other types of herbicides. The half-life in soil of most of these compounds is generally several months or more, although Eptam is very short-lived.

Acetochlor Napropamide (Devrinol)
Alachlor (Lasso) Norflurazon (Solicam)
Ametryn Oxadiazon (Ronstar)
Atrazine Oxyfluorfen (Goal)
Benfluralin Pendimethalin (Prowl)
Bromacil Prometon (Pramitol)
Chlorpropham (CIPC) Prometryn (Caparol)
Cyanazine (Bladex) Pronamide (Kerb)
Dacthal Propachlor
Dichlobenil (Casoron) Propazine (Milogard)
Dimethenamid (Frontier) Simazine (Princep)
EPTC (Eptam) Terbacil (Sinbar)
Ethalfluralin (Sonalan) Terbuthylazine
Ethofumesate (Nortron) Terbutryn
Hexazinone (Velpar) Triallate
Metolachlor (Dual) Trifluralin (Treflan)
Metribuzin (Sencor)




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