P2950 Profile

Carbamate Pesticides Profile

This profile can be used for food, vegetation, soil or water samples. The carbamates are insecticides, but, generally have shorter persistence in the environment than organophosphate insecticides. They are grouped separately here because the analytical methodology is very different from that used to determine other pesticides. For that reason they are not included in the regular Columbia Pesticide Profile. High pressure liquid chromatography (HPLC) with mass spectroscopy detection is used to determine the carbamates. The list below also includes metabolites for several of the compounds. These pesticides are also included within the new P2220 Multi Residue Profile.

Aldicarb (Temik) Methiocarb (Mesurol)
Aldicarb Sulfone Methiocarb Sulfone
Aldicarb Sulfoxide Methiocarb Sulfoxide
Bendiocarb (Dycarb) Methomyl (Lannate)
Carbaryl (Sevin) Mexacarbate (Zectran)
Carbofuran (Furadan) 1-Naphthol (carbaryl metabolite)
Carbofuran, 3-keto Oxamyl (Vydate)
Carbofuran, 3-OH Promecarb
Fenobucarb Propoxur (Baygon)
Isoprocarb Thiodicarb




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